Pflege-Bahr comparison: Five providers with very good results

Tuesday, 27.06.17 , written by Annabell Meyer The Pflege-Bahr supports people in private care. Who decides to get government subsidies. But subsidized coverage is not always the best solution. With so-called combination tariffs often higher performances are possible. In the Pflege-Bahr comparison, the 

 Im Pflege-Bahr Vergleich 2017 überzeugen vor allem Kombitarife

Pflege-Bahr comparison checks subsidized care provision and combined rates

The statutory long-term care insurance should improve a lot thanks to numerous reforms. Many people in need of care are entitled to more money from the nursing care fund since the beginning of the year due to the second Nursing Welfare Act . However, the changes have their downside, because some sufferers must accept restrictions: people who are still relatively independent, but still move to a nursing home, for example, must pay more than before the conversion.

But not only for people with low care needs creates a care gap of sometimes more than 1,000 euros. Even for those with a high level of care, the statutory benefits are often insufficient, despite the improvements, to cover the actual care costs. Private care provision therefore remains important. The magazine € uro has tested two forms of the Pflege-Bahr in a recent Pflege-Bahr comparison. Five offers achieve a very good overall result.

Pflege-Bahr comparison: Central scores with funded care

In the Pflege-Bahr comparison 2017, the financial magazine examined 17 providers for state-subsidized care. With this form of care-time allowance, those interested receive a subsidy of five euros if they pay at least ten euros a month to private insurance. In addition, they receive at least a monthly payment of 600 euros at the highest level of care.

The care insurance test shows, however, that there are some major differences, what the respective tariffs at what level of care afford and how many insured must pay for it. In order to find the best offers for state-subsidized long-term care insurance, the tariffs in the current Pflege-Bahr comparison were therefore examined for three age groups (25, 45 and 55 years). The offer of Central (central.pflege) is constantly rated very good . Eleven other providers score with a good overall rating, but can not score in every age group.

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Pflege-Bahr is often the only option for preventive care in pre-existing conditions

In contrast to other private pension offers, there is no health check at Pflege-Bahr before the contract is concluded. This means that the respective provider has to accept every prospective customer as insured, no matter what previous illnesses may be present . However, if an insurer has many clients with serious illnesses, this may result in premium increases to offset the higher expenses.

The results from the Pflege-Bahr comparison show that in particular older insured persons often receive only the minimum benefit of 600 euros with the highest care requirement with a Pflege-Bahr rate. However, this amount is usually insufficient to cover the cost of care.

Combination tariffs in the Pflege-Bahr comparison often with higher benefits

In order to obtain higher benefits than the minimum amount from the Pflege-Bahr in the case of long-term care, it is advisable to use a combined rate, which includes subsidized and unsupported care allowance . The magazine therefore checks the combination offers of the respective companies in addition to the pure care Bahr tariffs. Since an insurer does not offer this option, only 16 providers were examined. Four offers convince with the top grade very well:

The highest overall benefits across all age groups receive insured in the care-Bahr comparison at Allianz. However, there are sometimes significant price differences. While a 25-year-old customer pays around € 21 per month for the combined fare, more than € 87 per month is due for a 55-year-old policyholder. Anyone who is older has to dig deeper into their pockets and should therefore weigh up whether this is the right form of protection for him.

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Annabell Meyer

editorial staff

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