South Orange County

I’m Annie. You might recognize me… you might not. I make music (that takes a long time to come out) in my band Giant Drag where I invented the the cat solo (like a guitar solo but containing a minimum of 6 vocals meowing a guitar solo, reoccurring guitar riff or a guitar riff you want on the song but don’t want to go to the trouble of figuring out in which case the vocal minimum does not apply) copy and write. I have re-started this blog to document my return to my birthplace (South Orange County) where I have ended up living once again in an odd turn of events. I’ve gone from living on top of the world to living on an air mattress on the floor of my Dad’s living room and I will document my struggles in this journey to reclaim things like a drivers license and matching car, cellular phone, access to my gmail account, a bank account that isn’t overdrawn and my slow journey back to life and reality from the town where I worked so hard to leave at 18 but much like a boomerang I was pulled right back to where I began. So I begin again, I’m getting back to my roots and this time I’m doing it right or I’ll die an ironic San Clemente death trying!
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