Giant Drag’s LP

Giant Drag’s first ever Live Album is mastered and ready to roll. I’m super excited and unable to wait for a release date. This is going to be a digital release and a limited press on VINYL (finally). Details on pre-order coming soon.
So this Tuesday’s lack of Twosies was the day & night the Live LP was getting finished. The release of this record will give people something to listen to and look at while waiting for the new record and it’ll help fund all the buying of things like new studio spaces and absurdly expensive crap to go inside as well as more vinyl releases. Btw people who get mad we don’t have vinyl, putting this shit out yourself is expensive as shit. But hey, its gonna be rad.
I’ve also hidden some Internet Easter eggs. If you find/win (oh thats a hint, they have to be found & then to be won) you’ll be entered in the contest to win the first hand numbered copy of the vinyl and AAA GD Pass. Fun times! Contests, releases and more cool shit that makes me wonder if I’m somehow in a new band that puts out records and books shows.
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